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A ceramic coating is a highly durable cross linking addition to your clear coat that provides superior protection to your vehicle's exterior body.  Unlike a wax or paint sealant, a ceramic coating can last years, not just months.  You can enjoy easily recognizable enhancements to the finish of your vehicle as well as stay protected from bird droppings, tree sap, fall out, water spotting and sun damage.  On top of all that, you will have simple maintenance and require very little to no upkeep outside of a basic wash.  A ceramic coating has become the most modern, stress free and economical way to protect your paint, trim, chrome and plastics.  Stop waxing over and over... book your appointment now!

Ceramic Service Options


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Starting at


3 Year Warranty


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Starting at

5 Year Warranty


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Starting at

7 Year Warranty


  • Why do I need PPF?
    PPF is a physical protection that can be added to your painted surfaces, as well as plastics. PPF is the best solution to preventing damage to the at risk areas of your vehicle. Things such as rock chips, scratches, scuffs and road rash can be stopped before they happen. This is the only way to prevent the inevitable damage that your new paint will endure.
  • Should I do PPF or Ceramic Coating?
    PPF and Ceramic Coating are very different approaches to protection. To keep it simple, PPF is a thick plastic-like material that is applied on top of the paint to prevent deep damage such as rock chips. Think of PPF as a more physical type of protection. Ceramic Coatings can provide simple maintenance. By maintenance, we are referring to washing and keeping the vehicle clean and shiny. Having one of our ceramic coatings applied will eliminate the need for repeatedly waxing your vehicle. Release properties of a ceramic coating make the clean up process much more simplistic. On top of that, you will have other benefits such as acid/chemical resistance and UV protection. Of course, our ceramic coatings will also give you a gloss and shine like you've never seen! PPF and Ceramic Coating work well together. More times than not, we are installing PPF and a ceramic coating in conjunction.
  • What brand of film do you use?
    We get this question often. One thing you can rely on with us, is that we do not jump on the brand band wagon. We will not offer a brand simply because it is popular. We offer a brand that we trust, have much experience with and that pleases our OCD level of expectations. Trust that we will use what we feel is best for our clients and ourselves. A decision on a brand of film can be more complicated than some may think. Texture, adhesion, stretch, durability, warranty, software, patterns and customer service are just a few of some of the things that weigh into our decision on a brand of film to provide our clientele. We are always happy to discuss which brand we offer, or display their info right on our website.
  • Is your film self healing?
    Yes. Self healing abilities at this point have become the standard of any premium PPF.
  • What IS self healing?
    Self healing in PPF will have the ability to vanish swirl marks or fine scratches from the film. To activate this benefit, the PPF needs some heat. Either a heat gun, blow dryer or even a hot enough day can engage self healing and instantly remove defects. Granted, there is a line in the sand. Do not expect self healing film to remove gouges or damage to the actual film.
  • What does PPF cost?
    Pricing PPF can be involved. Material, labor time, number of pieces, coverage, vehicle type and prep are just a few of the factors that determine a price. Experience plays a large role in our pricing. With over 10 years of experience in PPF, our pricing will reflect all of these points and be specific. For a ballpark figure, our PPF page will provide an idea of what you can expect to pay. For a proper quote, please contact us.
  • Are your installs wrapped?
    Absolutely, yes. We will not provide the option for a non wrapped install. All of our panels are either wrap patterns, or done completely custom to wrap. Wrap patterns protect not only the panel, but also the edges. Doing wrap installs will deliver a cleaner look by reducing seams and film edges. On top of that, wrapped panels are less susceptible to lifts or being penetrated by water pressure from car washes or pressure washers. In our eyes, it is the only way to install.
  • How much experience do you have intalling PPF?
    We finished our 3M PPF certification back in 2010. We have 13+ years of experience in PPF.
  • Will you match pricing?
    The worst thing you can do is shop a price for PPF. What you want to do instead, is shop for an installer. PPF is a highly skilled craft that takes years to master. In the hands of someone inexperienced, you are risking potential damage to your brand new vehicle. We have removed and replaced many installations only to find knife cuts to the paint underneath the film that we can not fix. We can not stress enough, that the lowest price is not the best solution. We are confident in our skill set and are always providing fair quotes for our quality installations. We want to do the best we can for you and nothing less. For those reasons, we will always stand behind our price.
  • Will PPF turn yellow?
    Todays premium films should not turn yellow. This is protected under warranty. PPF has come a long way over the years. It has become stronger, more flexible, more clear and more durable. On top of that, there is a lot of protective qualities built into the film such as UV protection (the main reason for yellowing), stain resistance and self healing abilities. Many people think of film the way it used to be and that is simply no longer the case. Granted, there are particular brands of film that are known for yellowing. You can rest assured knowing you will not find those brands here.
  • Will I be able to see the film?
    Most clients have a hard time being able to tell that we have done anything at all to protect their vehicle with PPF. In this industry, that is a massive compliment. Years of experience have taught us a lot about providing the cleanest install possible. We intend to deliver that every single time. We always refer to the appearance of our PPF installs as "nearly invisible".


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