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    PPF (aka ClearBra) has quickly become a necessity to anyone with a newly purchased vehicle. A clear, hardly visible film is applied to the paint to form a shield between the elements and your vehicles paint.  Paint film is today's best protection against scuffs, bug etchings, stone chips, and overall road rash to susceptible areas of your paint. If you want real physical protection for your paint, paint protection film is the best option.


PPF is a craft that needs to be mastered.  With over 10 years of experience installing PPF on all types of makes and models, we know how important choosing your installer is.  Browsing our Facebook page and viewing the hundreds of installs we have performed over the years speaks for itself.  Choosing the right installer can save you time and money in the long run, as well as avoid damage to your new vehicle by someone with lack of skill.  Pricing will vary based on the difficulty of install (each vehicle is different), amount of material necessary and the coverage chosen.  Email or call for a quote! 


Safe guard your paint from rock chips, scratches, scuffs & more!

Full Front PPF

Starting at $2,000

The most popular coverage option.  Full front end protection will cover all your high risk impact areas, all while doing an amazing job hiding seams and edges using wrapped patterns.  Consider the Track Package if you have painted rocker panels for additional protection.  

Track Package PPF

Starting at $2,500

Track Coverage gives you all the benefits of a Full Front. Additionally, coverage to the rocker panels and splash area behind the rear wheels as well.  Any vehicle with painted rocker panels will benefit greatly with Track Coverage to protect against the inevitable road rash due to debris sling from the tires.

Partial Coverage PPF

Starting at $1,200

Partial Coverage will cover the "nose" of your vehicle.  This option is an even balance of cost and coverage.  The forward facing front of your vehicle will stay protected.  The sacrifice is a visible seam on the hood and fenders where the film comes to an end.  We will always recommend full coverage versus partial.  That being said, partial coverage is an option to protect the most high impact area of your vehicle. 

Full Body PPF

Starting at $7,000

This option will cover your entire vehicle.  If protecting all your painted surfaces is the goal, then a full wrap may be for you.  Using a mix of patterns and custom installation, we are able to cover everything from front to back.  Also, you may choose a la carte what you would like covered.  If you would like guidance, feel free to call or email.  We are glad to help with suggestions!    

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